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All Star Program

All-Star Program Overview


The All-Star Program is open to all players who played on a fall 2019 Recreational soccer team.

The objective of the All-Star Program is to provide a competitive, club soccer experience for recreational players and families who are interested in continuing to play soccer beyond the fall recreational season.  The All-Star Program also provides a sample of what players could expect from the PRFC Youth Soccer Competitive Program.

One key difference between Recreational teams and All-Star/competitive club soccer teams is the age group parameters.  Rec teams are formed by school grade whereas all competitive club teams, including our All-Star teams, are formed by birth year.  This means a player may, or may not, try out in the same age group as other players from his/her Rec team. 

All-Star Team Information:

  • These teams will be formed via a tryout process conducted by our professional coaching staff.   Not every player who tries out will make a team.  Tryouts will be held on the Sunday 24th November at Cochise Elementary School.  Each age group tryout lasts 75-90 minutes.
  • Teams will be formed for Boys and Girls born in 2010 (Under-10), 2011 (Under-9), 2012 (Under-8) & 2013 (Under-7).
  • Each team is coached by a professional trainer and will practice twice per week.
  • Teams will play in the Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) Youth Academy League.  The season comprises 5-6 Saturday league games from early January 2020 through late February 2020.  Each team will also play in one tournament held over a weekend.
  • The cost for this program includes:  league games, one tournament (3-4 games), professional coaching during  games and training during two practices per week, league and AYSA fees, tournament entry fees, uniforms, referees, and administration. The cost is $395 per player.
  • Each team will also be invited to partake in some in-house events that are held locally.
  • Home games are played in Scottsdale at Chaparral Park.  Away games are played in the Greater Phoenix area.

Recreational All-Star Team Tryouts

Sunday 24th November - Cochise Elementary School

Players should register for All-Star tryouts ahead of time (although we will accept registrations in person on the day).  Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your designated age group start time:

  • Age Group: Under-7 (players born 1st January 2013 – 31st December 2013):  Boys & Girls - 10am – 11.15am
  • Age Group: Under-8 (players born 1st January 2012 – 31st December 2012):  Boys & Girls  - 11.30am – 12.45pm
  • Age Group: Under-9 (players born 1st January 2011 – 31st December 2011):  Boys & Girls - 1pm – 2.15pm
  • Age Group: Under-10 (players born 1st January 2010 – 31st December 2010):  Boys & Girls – 1pm – 2.15pm

Please note:  player DOBs and subsequent age group eligibility are strictly enforced in competitive club soccer.  No exceptions can be made regarding age group eligibility in terms of 'playing down' a year. Players born in 2014 are welcome to 'play up' and try out with the 2013 age group.

For more information on our All-Star Program please contact Neil Graham –