Contacting coaches will be a HUGE part of your recruiting process.  Your initial contact will most likely be by email and then as you progress through the process you will begin speaking to coaches face to face on unofficial and official visits as well as speaking to coaches on the phone.


Email Contact

Refer to your sample emails in your College Informational Guide.  Utilize the email or portions of each that are most suitable to your situation.  DO NOT HAVE YOUR PARENTS SEND EMAILS FOR YOU!  Coaches want to hear from you and need to know that you are showing a genuine interest in their school.  When emailing a school, send the email to the head coach as well as the assistant coaches.

Remember, college coaches receive hundreds of emails per week so if you do not receive a response right away, KEEP TRYING. Due to NCAA restrictions, some coaches will not be able to respond to you depending on when you send your email.  Educate yourself on those restrictions so that you are aware of the timelines that coaches are able to contact you.

Unofficial Visits (you pay for the costs of the visit) and Official Visits (school pays for any or all of the costs of the visit)

Be prepared with a list of questions for the coach and make sure to take a copy of your updated soccer resume with you to leave with the coach.  Show your personality and speak clearly when meeting with the coach.  Be on your best behavior when not only interacting with the coach and any other staff members, but also when interacting with the players. 

Phone Calls

Whether you initiate the phone call or the coach calls you, speak clearly and be prepared with a list of questions that you would like to ask the coach.  Refer to your College Informational Guide for assistance in this area.  Write down responses to your questions and any pertinent information about the school that will help you with your decision process.  Do not leave things open ended when ending the call. Find out what your next step is with that coach and their school.



Be Prepared!              Be Proactive!!               Be Persistent!