On Field Spectator Behavior Policy

Due to the increased concern from past incidents occurring during league and tournament matches the Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer Board has adopted a new policy directed at sideline spectator behavior.  This policy is in effect during all events in which teams are playing under the Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer logo.

Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer (“PRYS”) is making a concerted effort to stop the abuse of match officials, opposing team player(s), bench personnel and spectators.  In support of the Arizona Soccer Association Respect the Game initiative PRYS has implemented a zero tolerance for irresponsible behavior and/or dissent by any of its bench personnel, parents and spectators.  Any bench personnel, parents or spectators exhibiting irresponsible behavior at an event that results in removal from the field by any match official, field marshal, tournament or league official and/or administrator will be suspended from their teams’ next match.  A second offense could result in an automatic suspension from PRYS. 

PRYS feels that due to the severity of this issue it is necessary to enforce this type of sanction with the hope that it will deter any poor and irresponsible behavior during matches.  It is important to remember our youth players are learning this great game of soccer.  Some will develop much faster than others and this is also true for Referees.  PRYS asks that you be encouraging vs. discouraging and to help create a positive environment.  Much like our players who are not always going to connect every pass or always make a good first touch, Referees are not going to always get the call right, they are all learning.  Manage your expectations and help PRYS be an example to Respect the Game.

PRYS appreciates your support and cooperation.


Todd A. Sergi

Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer

VP of Referees